Decodable Reader Individual Student Profile

Just a quick blog post this time to show you all a decodable reader Individual Student Profile I have made, specifically for emergent readers (students who are still learning the initial and extended phonics code).

The reading profile is designed to track students’ reading behaviours/strategies over a set amount of time (i.e. 2-5 weeks). The profile can be used to track IEP (Individual Education Plans) goals and accompanies fluency trackers or Timed Repeated Readings (a great way to measure decoding fluency). For emergent readers who are still developing fluency of the phonics code, this profile could replace running records. Read my post on why running records should be abolished (particulalry for emergent readers) here.

You will notice that there is absoultely no mention of any out-dated whole-language reading ‘strategies’ AKA guessing strategies, such as the ones below, which can actually be detrimental to reading development when encouraged over decoding.

Avoid these reading ‘strategies’- they are not aligned to current research onbest practice reading instruction.

For more information on choosing approporate texts depending on the reading level and phase of learning of students, please see my blog post here on text selection for Primary Schools.

1 thought on “Decodable Reader Individual Student Profile”

  1. Hi SpeechieTeach, May I pls add the link to this blog in my PP Reading Guidelines that I store in the PP and ECE Teaching WA FB group files? Thx. Luv your work!


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