Virtual book club

For the Speechies, Psychs and Teachers among us…


I am going to bite the bullet and do something I have been wanting to start for a while! A VIRTUAL BOOK CLUB (releasing my inner nerd here 🤓). I’m calling out for anyone who would be interested in joining my virtual book club which will have a special focus on all things READING/LITERACY. I’m talking reading development, language and literacy, reading difficulties, SLD in Reading (dyslexia), assessment, intervention etc etc . We can choose high quality literature including peer reviewed journals, systematic reviews and longer texts by reputable authors! I would really like to start with Proust and the Squid (Maryanne Wolf), The Dyslexia Debate (Elliot & Grigorenko) and anything by David Kilpatrick, Kerry Hempenstall and Pamela Snow. There is SO much to learn about this area. So I’m calling for any speech pathologists, Ed psychologists, teachers, reading specialists etc etc. The more diverse the group, the better. 


email me at smhatton.89@gmail.com


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